• Beautify Healthy, Stay Healthy Young

    Beautify Healthy, Stay Healthy Young

    We can offer different solutions to each patient. While preserving the natural line of both the horizontal and vertical lines of the face, we also renew its size and stance.

  • Want to Redesign Yourself?

    Want to Redesign Yourself?

    You can re-create and design yourself to create your dream self.

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Face Engineering

There is a math in the journey of beautification in aesthetic applications

Our Priority Is You!

Body Aesthetics

The share and value of the body in our existence is great. It represents our visible, recognized and known identity.

Rediscover Yourself

Healthy Beautify

We enable you to open the doors to a healthy world while getting better with long-term solutions and innovations.


19 Years of Experience Reliable Service

Born in Konya-Ereğli, Neslihan ÜSTÜN YÜKSEL graduated from Antalya High School and completed her education at Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine in 2001 and received the title of Medical Doctor. He continued his work in Muratpaşa, Ermenek Health Center No. 29, Antalya Provincial Health Directorate and Antalya Public Directorate. He turned to this area of interest because he found healing with complementary medicine in the health problems of his family and himself. She received training on neural therapy, acupuncture, ozone therapy, cosmetic acupuncture, nutritional therapy, basic bowel training, and advanced chelation training. He closely follows the developments in the field of Complementary Medicine and still continues his education in this field.

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19 Years of Experience Reliable Service

Traditional and Complementary Medicine Treatments

Health through traditional medicine methods; now, the soul, body and mind are a process of healing and well-being together, and it offers a holistic philosophy of life to the person in his life.


It's Possible to Aging Gracefully...

Aging is the most natural, unavoidable and must-experience process for all of us. What we need to do here is to achieve 'aging well'. From this point of view, we choose the most appropriate plastic surgery or applications for my patients who come to rejuvenate or reverse the signs of aging, and then we decide together.

Free Consultation

You can take the first steps of living in a healthy way by coming to our center with a free examination. If you live outside of Antalya, you can start the treatment process with video calls or photo method via WhatsApp.

Contracted Accommodation

We provide special discounts at contracted 4 and 5 star hotels for our patients coming from outside of Antalya for aesthetic surgery.

VIP Airport Transfer

We provide a comfortable pre-operation process with private airport transfer for our patients coming from outside of Antalya.

It's Possible to Aging Gracefully...

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Medical Aesthetics and Complementary Medicine Physician

Ali Çavdar


Duygu Özkanat


Burcu Koca

Immune Strengthening with Ozone

Immune Strengthening with Ozone

Due to the stress and environmental factors that develop due to our daily life, our immune system is adversely affected and our body becomes unable to protect us against harmful components coming from outside. Ozone therapy not only strengthens the immune system, but also ensures that the cells meet with oxygen and accelerates the blood circulation, thus ensuring the health of the body. Ozone therapy at the same time;

  • • It strengthens the immune system.
  • • It gives energy to the body.
  • • It delays aging.
  • • It reduces mental and physical fatigue as well as increases mental and physical capacity.
  • • It allows the body to repair itself.
  • • It strengthens the immune system.

Regional Slimming Treatment

Regional Slimming Treatment

Regional slimming is no longer a dream as a result of 1-hour application with Rasping, which is an effective method for anyone who has trouble losing weight and cannot get rid of their regional weight for a long time! Rasping is the process of breaking down the fat accumulated in certain parts of the body with the rasping system and removing it from the body. With Rasping, which is suitable for both women and men, a noticeable thinning is achieved after the first session. After the rasping process, the person starts to lose weight in a healthier way and gets rid of regional fat.

The Miracle of Hijama

The Miracle of Hijama

Hijama, which is a traditional complementary medical method from the past to the present; It gives health to the person by ensuring that the toxic blood accumulated under the skin, which invites diseases in the body, is thrown out of the body with the vacuuming process. You can find healing and achieve a healthier life with Hijama, which is used in the treatment of many diseases from strengthening the immune system to headaches and migraines, from muscle and joint system disorders to dizziness..

Mesotherapy Treatments

Mesotherapy Treatments

Therapeutic uses:
Sports injuries
Rheumatic diseases

Areas of use for aesthetic purposes:
Facial rejuvenation
Skin rejuvenation and rejuvenation
Spot treatment
Regional slimming
Hair loss

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Relieve Weaknesses in Your Body with Medical Hijama Treatment!

Relieve Weaknesses in Your Body with Medical Hijama Treatment!

Cupping, also known as cupping therapy, is an ancient medical treatment. This method, which was widely used until the advent of modern surgery, continues to be used as an alternative medicine today.

Rejuvenate With PRP Treatment!

Rejuvenate With PRP Treatment!

PRP treatment, which we can explain as platelet rich plasma, is the process of using plasma obtained from the person's own blood in treatment. PRP treatment, especially used for skin rejuvenation, accelerates cell regeneration.

Beautiful And Natural Lips For Any Age

Beautiful And Natural Lips For Any Age

In order to increase the volume of the lips, lip augmentation is one of the methods applied for the lips that have a different appearance with the filling method applied to the lips. The filling method used to look and feel beautiful is easy to apply and should be applied correctly and carefully.