Dr. Neslihan ÜSTÜN YÜKSEL Contact information WITH SKIN REJUVENATION APPLICATIONS CHALLENGE YEARS Facial Aesthetics singl-image Thanks to the developing technology and anti-aging applications,
it is now much easier to challenge years, ie rejuvenate your skin!
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Dr. Neslihan ÜSTÜN YÜKSEL Contact information Mesotherapy Applications Rejuvenate Your Skin With Mesotherapy singl-image Skin regenerating substances are applied under the skin with tiny needles.
Collagen and elastin production of the skin is increased with these substances.
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Dr. Neslihan ÜSTÜN YÜKSEL Contact information No surgery Aesthetic Applications Aesthetic Applications singl-image Dr. Neslihan ÜSTÜN YÜKSEL helps you achieve the
desired appearance in a simple, fast and painless way
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Dr. Neslihan ÜSTÜN YÜKSEL CGF HEALTH COMING WITH YOUR OWN BLOOD CGF (Concentrated Growth Factor) singl-image Today, the potential of the human body to cure diseases is now being built up.
For this reason, there are treatment options that are made by taking the patient's own blood.
Dr. Neslihan ÜSTÜN YÜKSEL İletişim Bilgileri The Most Suitable For You Lip filler Lip filler Today, acceptable good results can be obtained with fillers containing
hyaluronic acid in order to volumize the lips, and lip plumping
and lip thickening procedures can be performed easily.
Dr. Neslihan ÜSTÜN YÜKSEL Hakkında

19 Years of Experience Reliable Service

Neslihan ÜSTÜN YÜKSEL was born in Ereğli-Konya after graduating from Antalya high school, she finished her medical training in Erciyes Medical School in 2001 and earned her doctor title.

She continued her practice in Muratpaşa 29th Ermenek clinic, Antalya Province Health Administration and Antalya Public Administration. Because of treating her and her family’s health problems with integrative medicine, she showed interest in this subject. She got training in acupuncture, ozone therapy, cosmetic acupuncture, diet treatment, basic bowel training, advanced chelation training.

She follows developments on integrative medicine closely and still continues her trainings on this field.

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Getting old is the most natural, unavoidable and must-have process for all of us. What we need to do here is to achieve 'aging well'. From this point on, we choose the most appropriate aesthetic surgery or applications that my patients need to rejuvenate or reverse the signs of aging, then we decide together.


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