Jawline Jaw Filler

Jawline Jaw Filler

Jawline chin filler, also known as Jawline; It is an application that extends from the tip of the chin to the ear, and provides a clear definition of the jawline on both sides of the face from the corner of the chin to the tip of the chin. With the Jawline application, it is aimed to make the face look more aesthetic than it is with the filling application made to the existing jawline and the tip of the chin. With the Antalya Jawline chin filling, the chin is brought forward, especially the jawline is made sharper. The aesthetic appearance of the face is increased with the application of jawline chin filling, which allows the person to have the desired facial features and jaw structure. Antalya Jawline chin filling process is mostly done to remove the appearance caused by wrinkles on the skin and sagging due to aging. Thanks to this filling, it is possible to increase the V appearance and to make the aesthetic appearance of the distance between the face and the neck more balanced. The Jawline Chin Filling Process, which has been increasing in use especially in recent years, has the feature of being a frequently used method to make the disturbed image on the face aesthetic. In addition, the chin must be suitable for the face in order to provide the aesthetic ratio of the face. As a result of situations that vary depending on factors such as aging and the facial structure of the person, the jaw line gradually loses its prominence and the existing sagging of the chin may occur. Thanks to these methods, which can be applied without surgery in such cases, it is ensured that the person achieves the aesthetic appearance he desires.

The application time of the Jawline chin filler takes up to 30 minutes when hyaluronic acid is used, and it takes 1 hour for the anesthetic cream to show its effect. Since Jawline is a procedure that can be applied in as little as 15-20 minutes, it helps to achieve the desired image and makes it possible to quickly return to one's social life, as it is a procedure that does not require surgery in the last period. The filler is given to the lower part of the skin and just above the bone with the help of injection; Filling the injected area is provided. Thanks to the filling, the harmony of the chin and face changes positively and aesthetically, while the chin has a more prominent appearance. Thus, the face has a more harmonious appearance as a whole. During the procedure, the desired image is obtained by trying to provide an aesthetically correct line extending from the tip of the nose to the lips and the tip of the chin. Thus, with a more vigorous and youthful image, the face has a clearer and sharper expression. Another thing that changes for everyone who wants to have this aesthetic look is the price. Antalya Jawline jaw filler prices are determined by the specialist who will perform the procedure, as they vary according to the person. At the same time, the permanence of the chin filler has different results for everyone.

Situations in which Jaw Filling is Needed

Considering our physical characteristics, which vary from person to person, each person's aesthetic self-satisfaction differs. Of course, these differences also appear in the facial structure and aesthetic procedures are needed in this direction. Different shapes and deformities in the chin in the face area are also at the forefront of aesthetic procedures. Which people will need chin filling due to disorders in the chin can be listed as follows:

  • • People with small chin structure
  • • Those who want the jaw line to be more prominent and sharp
  • • Those who want to eliminate sagging in the jaw line
  • • Those who want to extend the chin tip more than it is
  • • The chin structure is behind compared to the face
  • • The prominence of the jaw line is not sharp enough
  • • Dimples at the tip of the chin
  • • Asymmetrical image
  • • Sagging in the lower part of the chin
  • • Jaw shape with an image that is incompatible with the face
  • • Situations that occur as a result of an accident, such as traumatic situations
  • • Problems needed due to genetic disorders

Inconvenient situations in the application of jawline filling are rarely seen. For example; It is inconvenient to apply to people who have had a cancer process, people who have skin problems, and pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. Necessary checks must be made before the jawline chin filling, and it is necessary to decide whether the person is suitable for filling or not.

Is Jawline Jaw Filling a Painful Procedure?

As with almost every aesthetic procedure performed, the pain or pain to be felt in the application of jawline jaw filling varies according to the structural characteristics of the person, the specialist performing the application, and even the technical methods. Jawline chin filling, which does not require any anesthesia process, is finalized by injecting the fillers into the required areas in a short time like 15-20 minutes. During the jawline chin filling application, which is generally known as a painless procedure, an anesthetic cream is applied to the patient and the patient is made to feel minimal pain during the procedure.

Considerations After Jawline Jaw Filling Application

After the Antalya jawline jaw filling procedure, the person can return to his daily life in a short time. After 2 to 3 days after the application, mild redness, bruising and swelling may be seen in the application area. These effects are temporary and decrease over time. After the application, it is not necessary to take a hot bath and the person can be washed after about an hour. After the application, make-up should be interrupted for the first few hours. Avoiding exercises with heavy activities is extremely important in terms of the permanence of the aesthetic procedure. Since it is a procedure performed especially in the jaw area, it is extremely normal to experience pain due to the chewing movement during the eating and drinking action. After about 1-2 days, these pains go away without any interference. Jaw filling is recommended by experts for health and aesthetic reasons, and it is recommended not to apply to people who may have negative results.

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