What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy can be applied to anyone who is not satisfied with the symptoms such as wrinkles on the skin of the person and who is sensitive to hair loss, in order to eliminate the effects that occur due to aging in case of aging on the skin over time. Our skin can produce all the active substances it needs up to a certain age range by itself. However, after a certain age, since the body does not produce these substances, deformations occur in the skin and the aging process shows its effect. The mesotherapy process used at this point is a dermatological regeneration method that not only slows down the aging of the skin, but also accelerates the regeneration of the skin. Mesotherapy is generally applied using subcutaneous injection technique. Today, the most preferred techniques are local anesthetic use and microinjection techniques. The aim of mesotherapy is to ensure the regeneration of skin cells and to renew the skin by activating the regenerative properties of the protein components under the skin. Antalya mesotherapy is divided into varieties within itself. The first of these is facial mesotherapy. In this process, which is also called mesolift, it is the removal of wrinkles on the skin on the face. In this process, which is called the mesolifting method, it is aimed to renew the tissue in the upper and lower layers of the skin, accompanied by natural substances injected into the skin. After a few weeks, the effect of this process can be seen and the skin; achieves a healthier and brighter appearance. The second type of mesotherapy is hair mesotherapy. Hair mesotherapy, by rejuvenating the hair follicles; It is the process of injecting vitamins (antioxidants such as A, D, E, selenium, hyaluronic acid) and minerals into the skin in line with the prescribed drugs. With this application, the hair follicles are nourished again and at the same time, the unhealthy structure of the hair follicles is repaired. Today, mesotherapy is widely preferred and used as an effective aesthetic method.

How is Mesotherapy Applied?

Before the application of mesotherapy, the skin should be free of make-up and dirt. Local anesthetic cream is applied so that the person does not feel any pain or pain during the procedure. The effect of local anesthesia manifests itself in about 30 minutes. Medicines that regenerate the skin are injected into the face by means of needles. The dose of use of these drugs is determined in accordance with the procedures desired by the specialist and the person who will perform the application. By injecting special mixtures that vary according to the person, the collagen making capacity of the skin is increased. In this way, the skin renews itself and the moisture rate of the skin is increased. Antalya mesotherapy is usually performed in 3-6 sessions and the application of mesotherapy takes an average of 15 minutes. After each session, the person can return to normal life in a short time. The effect of mesotherapy varies from person to person. Mesoretapi is not applied to pregnant women and people who have allergies due to its ingredients. Antalya mesotherapy prices vary according to the needs of the person at the treatment point, the area applied and also the amount.

Areas Where Mesotherapy Is Used

Mesotherapy is widely used in the treatment of hair loss as well as the face. Usage areas of mesotherapy:

  • • Hair loss and various hair problems
  • • The elimination of skin wrinkles
  • • The relief of menstrual pain
  • • Cases caused by sports traumas
  • • The treatment of vascular diseases such as varicose veins
  • • Alleviating neck and lumbar hernia pain
  • • Joint diseases such as arthritis
  • • Reducing cellulite

What Should Be Considered After Mesotherapy?

Since mesotherapy is an injectable treatment, mild pain caused by the needle can be observed, but it is generally a painless application. The applied area should not be washed for the first 1 day after mesotherapy. After the procedure, one should not go out to the sun and the skin should be protected from harmful rays. You should drink plenty of water; do not do heavy exercise and stop smoking and alcohol use.

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