Under Eye Light Filling

Under Eye Light Filling

What is Under-Eye Light Filling?

Under-eye light filling; It is the name given to the process of giving the skin a more lively and healthy appearance as a result of filling the deformation effects such as bagging and sagging that occur over time in the area between the nose, lower eyelid and cheek by using a filler. As the age progresses, bags under the eyes cause a tired, dull or unhappy expression. The under- eye light filling procedure, which is performed to remove the bruises under the eyes and the appearance that causes bagging, is preferred more and more every day. In the course of life, our skin loses its vitality effect over time due to various reasons such as intense working conditions, stress, insomnia and environmental factors. As a result, the skin loses its properties and bruises and bags appear around the eyes, which are some bad and unhealthy images. From an aesthetic point of view, negative images caused by sagging and bruising under the eyes cause the person to feel bad socially and have bad ideas about themselves. Under-eye light filling, which eliminates all these negative results, is one of the most used methods among aesthetic procedures.

What Does Under-Eye Light Filling Do?

Antalya under-eye light filling is a procedure that is done in a short time without the need for a surgical aesthetic application and is a procedure that everyone who wants to have a healthier appearance than unhealthy images such as bruises or rings around the eyes. Generally, people who have under-eye light filling have dark circles and bruises under the eyes, and are also dissatisfied with this appearance. Under-eye light filling; It is a frequently used aesthetic method to reduce a large part of the bruises and circles under the eyes and to make the person look more aesthetic and healthy. Thanks to this method, the old and tired appearance of the skin is eliminated. The dimples under the eyes, on the other hand, come to the same level with the cheeks compared to the general face, resulting in a healthier appearance. Since the under- eye light filling makes the skin look healthier and more aesthetically pleasing, the procedures to be applied during the treatment also vary according to the type and dose of the filling. Antalya under-eye light filling is a procedure that should be done carefully among aesthetic procedures. This procedure, which should be performed by a specialist doctor in the field, is in a certain price range in line with the methods and techniques used. Since a different method will be applied to each patient, changes can be seen in the price point in this context. The clearest and most accurate decision is made by the doctor who will perform the procedure.

How is Under-Eye Light Filling Made?

There has been a great increase in the application areas of under-eye light filling recently. It is an aesthetic procedure that can be applied not only to women but also to men. Under-eye light filling can show various differences compared to other aesthetic filling techniques. For this reason, this procedure is not an aesthetic procedure performed under the skin, but rather an aesthetic procedure performed on the bone. Under-eye light filling is done with the help of injections with fine-tipped needles. Before the procedure, the person is examined. After the examination around the eyes and under the eyes, the treatment determined for the patient is planned. The sterile eye area is prepared for the procedure. Afterwards, filler injection is made to all points that require aesthetic treatment, thanks to the dose determined by the doctor. During the filling process, light filling is given to the treated area very carefully and slowly. This is extremely important in terms of making the filling process look healthier and more aesthetic. Before the under-eye light filling procedure, it is necessary to pay attention to some rules:

  • • Since alcohol and cigarette use will increase the risk of infection, it is appropriate to quit at least two weeks before the procedure.
  • • Blood thinners should never be used.
  • • If there is a drug that the patient uses regularly, this must be reported to the doctor.
  • • As before every operation, it is useful to pay attention to nutrition and sleep patterns.

After the under-eye light filling is done, the things to be done before the procedure are presented to the patients in the light of the recommendations determined by the doctor. When we list what needs to be done;

  • • It is necessary not to take a hot bath on the first day after the application.
  • • It is necessary to take a break from strenuous activities and sports in the first week.
  • • Mimics and movements that will tire the face for the first two days should be avoided.
  • • Avoiding very hot or very cold temperatures, especially for two weeks after the procedure, brings healthier results in terms of the process.

There is no need for hospitalization after under-eye light filling. It is extremely important and effective for the healing process to follow the instructions set by the doctor and to fulfill them to the letter. At the same time, the under-eye light filling varies between 12 and 18 months in terms of permanence and depending on the person.

Is Under-Eye Light Filling Harmful?

Antalya under-eye light filling is an aesthetic application with generally positive results. It is highly preferred due to the revitalization and healthy appearance that occurs in the skin after the application. However, as with every aesthetic procedure, there are various risk factors in the under-eye light filling procedure. Hyaluronic acid is used for under-eye light filling. Since hyaluronic acid is a substance that can occur in our body by natural processes, it does not cause any risk in the body. However, after some procedures, slight redness may occur in the areas where the injection is applied, and this redness also disappears within 2 to 3 days. Since every aesthetic application made varies from person to person and according to the physical characteristics; In some cases, such results can be seen to take up to 2-3 weeks. Of course, when these and similar situations occur, you should definitely consult your doctor.

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