Skin Care Applications

Skin Care Applications

The largest organ of the body is the skin. For this reason, protecting and maintaining the skin is primarily necessary for health. Since it covers the whole body, the skin is affected by many environmental factors. We know that exposure to the sun, air pollution, dust; external factors negatively affect the skin.

Does ıt Only Affect Environmental Conditions Negatively?

No. In addition to these factors, make-up residues on the skin wear out the skin. It even causes premature aging. What we observe in a skin that is frequently exposed to adverse conditions during the day is that the dirt gets into the pores. These cause the skin to become clogged. Dirt and even oils that adhere to the skin cause large pores. When looking at the skin, black dots are seen. When skin care is neglected, it is noticed that there are spots on the skin. An unmaintained skin naturally looks tired and exhausted.

Your skin actually tells you your age. If care is not provided with skin care applications, your skin may show older than its age. In other words, signs of premature aging begin to appear on your skin. Traces of this are also seen around the eyes. A tired and exhausted image is formed.

Skin care applications are a necessity in order to eliminate any problem related to the structure of the skin, such as wear and tear and to reduce the signs of aging.

Are Skin Care Applications Suitable for All Ages?

Just as the needs of every age are different, so is your skin. Skin care applications are made according to every age and every skin type. If we divide the ages into groups:

  • • Skin care in the 20s
  • • Skin care in the 30s
  • • Skin care in the 40s

Proper care for the 20s is for investment in the future. You will have a healthy and vibrant skin in no time.

Wrinkles begin to appear at the age of 30. Aging lines appear. Maintenance can be applied in this direction.

In the 40s, the sensitivity increases, and the skin needs special attention and care against aging.

Which Skin Care Applications Are Good For Which Skin?

The healthy appearance of the skin is possible with the right skin care applications applied to the skin. With the right care, the skin regains a healthy appearance. This means that the skin has a lively, smooth structure. For this, it is important to keep the skin clean and moist.

If Antalya skin care practices are done regularly, you can protect your skin against environmental conditions. Depending on your skin type and age, the care style may vary. When the care is done correctly for all skin types, a healthy appearance is formed. First of all, you can find solutions to the problems you experience by knowing the structure of your skin and applying a care accordingly. Skin types vary from person to person. There are different types, depending on age, sex and heredity:

  • • Sensitive skin type
  • • Dry skin type
  • • Oily skin type
  • • Combination skin type
  • • Normal skin type

Every skin's problem and needs are different. Some skin spots and acne appear. Their care is also different. Environmental effects such as seasonal conditions, temperature and wind can even cause your skin type to change over time. But the distinctive features help you understand what kind of care you need.

The skin type most affected by environmental conditions is sensitive skin. The rays of the sun, heat, wind can cause skin redness, tension, even itching and dryness. The rapid reaction to environmental conditions and the occurrence of redness on the skin indicate that the skin needs strengthening.

Dry skin looks tense. Itching occurs; flaking and even cracks are seen on the skin. This skin type is also easily affected by heat and cold.

In oily skin type, there is excess oil accumulation on the skin surface. The skin always has a bright appearance. With very oily skin, it is normal to feel as if you have dirt on your face.

Combination skin type is most common. The area that includes the nose and chin, we call it the T-zone, is oily. The area covering the eye area and under the chin, we call this the U zone, is dry.

Normal volumes are just as they should be. Dryness and oiliness ratio is as it should be. Skin values are in balance. Balance is maintained with the right skin care practices.

How are Skin Care Applications Made?

There is a visible difference between a person who has Antalya skin care treatments and those who do not. A dull, yellowish expression on the skin is a sign that the skin is neglected. A skin that has undergone skin care has vitality and brightness.

When you come to our center, our experts start by analyzing your skin. After determining your skin type, it applies the most appropriate care. The maintenance we apply is as follows:

  • • Classical care
  • • Medical care
  • • Instrumental cares (Hydra Facial Care).

In classical care, first the pores are opened according to the structure of the skin, and then the dead skin is removed. Toning is done to tighten the pores again. Then the mask is applied.

Medical care is very important because it has therapeutic properties. It is applied to people who have skin problems, skin blemishes, acne problems, and scar problems. Our specialists select the appropriate products according to the treatment and start the treatment immediately after the skin analysis.

First, the pores are opened with the application of steam. After peeling, tightening is done with tonic. If the spot responds to the treatment, the skin is treated. Then, after the mask is made around the eyes, a spot treatment mask is applied. After removing the mask, massage is done with creams. The skin is supported with serums. The treatment is put to an end by applying a cream to protect from the sun.

  • • Anti-aging
  • • Collagen treatment
  • • Lifting
  • • Acne treatment

According to the need, the applications mentioned above are also done in medical care.

Hydra Facial Care is suitable for all skin types. It is an anti-aging care system. It provides the solution of different problems seen on the skin with a single operation. Therefore, it is an application that provides a great advantage. It is done by vacuuming method without using a needle. It is a painless and extremely safe application. It provides a deep care in 20 to 30 minutes and helps the skin to have a radiant and bright appearance. It is also known as Hollywood care because it is the most used method by Hollywood stars among Antalya skin care applications.