CGF (Concentrated Growth Factor)

CGF (Concentrated Growth Factor)

Antalya CGF (concentrated growth factor), which is successfully applied for cosmetic- antiaging purposes, gives excellent results in wound healing and in the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases. CGF, short for Concentrated Growth Factor, enables better utilization of the healing potential of the blood thanks to its high growth factor content.

CGF-CD34 is the abbreviation for concentrated growth factor. It contains a high rate of growth factors and stem cells.

Growth factors: These are the natural substances that increase the speed of the process by naturally affecting cellular growth, development and reproduction.

Stem cells are the main cells that form the structure of all tissues and organs in the body. Studies on CGF (Concentrated Growth Factor) therapy, also known as 2nd generation platelet concentrate, have shown that with this method, not only growth factors but also stem cells called CD34 can be obtained.

How is CGF-CD34 Obtained? The blood taken from the person is separated into its components by a special centrifugation process and a layer containing platelets, leukocytes, various growth factors and cytokines is obtained. With different activation processes, plasma fluid containing a high amount of growth factor and hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells is obtained.

This fluid obtained in the treatment of Antalya CGF (concentrated growth factor) shows similar treatment characteristics with the use of stem cells taken from spinal fluids or primaryteeth, and the patient's genetically healthy cells are reproduced. Methods used in the treatment of CGF-CD34:

  • • Direct injection of plasma liquid obtained from the person's own blood
  • • Mesotherapy
  • • Micro needling
  • • In-mask
  • • By spreading to the skin

Therapeutic Properties of CGF-CD 34 Application

Cgf (concentrated growth factor) emerges as a very natural treatment method that has been gradually used in the treatment of various diseases in recent years. This treatment:

  • • Musculoskeletal system diseases
  • • Treatment of wounds and burns
  • • Anti-aging (rejuvenation) applications
  • • Treatment of hair loss
  • • Wrinkle treatment
  • • Sagging
  • • Crack treatment
  • • Removal of acne scars and
  • • It is used as an effective and easy method in the treatment of spots on the skin.

Concentrated growth factor treatment, although it varies according to the needs of the person, is performed as 3-6 sessions and the benefits of the treatment begin to be seen after the first injection. Within a few days, a healthy glow is expected on the skin. It provides a lasting rejuvenating effect if repeated 3 - 4 times a year after 3 - 6 applications every 15 to 30 or 45 to 90 days.

Cfg therapy;

  • • People with insufficient platelet count shown in blood count (hemogram).
  • • People with active infection,
  • • People who take blood thinners on the same day,
  • • It cannot be applied to those with chronic liver disease.
  • • It is not possible for people with a recent history of cancer to receive this treatment for 5 years.

Things to Consider After Application

For 4 - 6 hours after the application, the application area;

  • • Not to be washed and cleaned
  • • No make-up and
  • • It is necessary not to enter the pool and the sea for 12 - 24 hours.
  • • Any anti-inflammatory drug should not be used after injection as it will disable the natural healing process provided by Cgf (concentrated growth factor).

CGF (Concentrated Growth Factor) Advantages

Since Antalya CGF (Concentrated Growth Factor) treatment is performed without the addition of an external aid or foreign substance, the treatment is carried out using only the serum obtained from the person's own blood, the following side effects are not encountered:

  • • Allergy
  • • Tissue incompatibility
  • • Disease transmission.

However, in the area applied due to direct injection and mesotherapy

  • • Bruising,
  • • Redness
  • • A slight bleeding
  • • Edema and
  • • Infection may occur as a result of the patient not paying attention to his personal hygiene.

These side effects are only seen locally and usually disappear completely within a few hours. The advantages of concentrated growth factor therapy are:

  • • Not using any chemicals or drugs from outside
  • • It is done with a natural serum obtained from the person's own blood
  • • Absence of risky side effects such as allergies and disease transmission as stated above
  • • Being an application that can be completed in a short time
  • • The effects become visible as soon as after the first injection
  • • The long-lasting effects of the sessions are completed
  • • Easy and short application and
  • • It can be listed as no need for hospitalization or operating room conditions for the application.

It shows similar application features with facial fillings and mesotherapy made for aesthetic purposes, and there is no problem in using these methods.

Why is CGF Important?

Platelet concentrate products, PRP, PRF and CGF, are biomimetic structures rich in growth factors and cytokines, widely used in wound healing and tissue engineering. Natural fibrin scaffolds provide an environment conducive to nascent tissue ingrowth and containing an abundance of bioactive molecules that regulate various cell behaviors.

Platelet concentrate products, starting with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and then continuing with platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), have become Cgf (concentrated growth factor) as the latest generation.

The modified centrifugation procedure for CGF contributes to a relatively denser fibrin scaffold, similar to the natural extracellular matrix.

CGF also contains a higher concentration of growth factors than PRP or PRF and exhibits superior regenerative capacity and biomaterial potential.

CGF has emerged as a promising biomaterial in tissue remodeling and regeneration, including dermal reinforcement and fracture healing by facilitating epidermal repair, bone formation, nerve repair, and angiogenesis.

CGF (concentrated growth factor) is widely used in the oral and maxillofacial fields to aid dental implants, maxillofacial reconstruction and endodontic regeneration. In addition, researches are carried out with the use of CGF in the branches of osteology and immunology.

CGF promotes tissue regeneration through enhanced endogenous stem cell differentiation. In this way, the damage in the internal and external regions is healed much faster.

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