Food Intolerance Test And Nutritional Therapy

Food Intolerance Test And Nutritional Therapy

When we ask what nutrition is, the answers we get may be to fill my stomach, to relieve my hunger, to eat whatever I want. You can even answer it as providing the necessary energy for our body, which we eat compulsively every day and as a result.

We, experts, explain nutrition in a broader context: Nutrition is the adequate and balanced intake of nutrients and energy, which are necessary according to age, gender, physical activity or our physiological state. Sufficient and balanced intakes of nutrients are two key words for us. Because when these two are absent, it is seen that health deteriorates when more or less of the nutrients are taken. Therefore, a healthy and balanced diet should be tailored to the person and should meet the person's need for vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Nutrition therapy is also carried out in this direction. If there is a drug used by the person, nutritional therapy is applied by applying a nutrition program according to the living conditions, taking into account the foods he likes and dislikes.

Well, why are there situations in which diseases occur, fatigue never goes away, migraine pains are constantly seen, weight is not lost no matter what is done, and skin diseases such as eczema are often triggered despite a balanced diet?

On the Antalya food intolerance test and nutritional therapy; we perform show us that some bodies can react negatively to certain foods. This adversely affects the metabolism and causes diseases.

Nutrient Detection with Food Intolerance Testing and Nutritional Therapy

What does it mean when our body cannot digest a food, or to put it differently, when our digestive system reacts to food? Normally, when a foreign substance enters the body, antibodies are produced to neutralize these foreign substances in the blood. If there is a problematic intestine or if the immune system is weak, it also applies it to normally consumed foods. So why does the body perceive it that way? What can cause this?

  • • Disruption of intestinal flora
  • • Genetic predispositions
  • • Eating processed foods
  • • Drugs used
  • • Wrong diets
  • • Nutritional habits that impair health
  • • Inability to drink enough breast milk

With the food intolerance test and nutritional therapy we apply, we examine which foods the body reacts to. After identifying the foods, we see which ones cause problems in the body. When these foods are avoided, the body begins to heal. For this reason, taking a step on food intolerance testing and nutritional therapy and starting treatment by getting professional help in this regard opens the doors of a better quality and healthy life. As long as the food to which the body overreacts is avoided, it is observed that the symptoms that occur are reduced and the discomforts disappear.

What kind of path is followed with Food Intolerance Test and Nutrition Therapy?

Different methods are used to understand food intolerance. A blood test is performed to determine which foods the body reacts to. With leaky gut syndrome or a weak immune system, the body produces an antibody called IgG and fights the foods it sees as foreign to it. The large amount of this warfare can cause the disease to worsen.

With the Antalya food intolerance test and nutritional therapy we apply, firstly, individual foods are examined in the test results. The level of IgG antibodies produced against foods is examined. Antibody levels are determined. The ones marked in the list according to the result are those that have antibodies against the foods. These act as invaders in the body. The more the immune system is challenged in this way, the more food intolerance occurs.

Results are grouped into four levels. First level foods are not consumed for 8 weeks. Towards the fourth level, these foods can be avoided between 32 and 52 weeks. This is determined by our experts according to the person. With the diets made in this way, the person finds the opportunity to observe his body. Even after a period of fasting, those products can be added to the diet list.

Our team, which performs food intolerance testing and nutrition therapy in Antalya, makes a personalized assessment, and after the most accurate program is prepared by performing the tests, we proceed together with the client.

How Is Food Intolerance Testing And Nutritional Treatment Arranged?

The symptoms seen before the food intolerance test and nutritional therapy are generally as follows:

  • • Migraine
  • • Headache
  • • Runny nose
  • • Diarrhea
  • • Excessive gas
  • • Bloating
  • • Stomach ache

The more severe the situations in which the body cannot digest the food and wage war, the more severe the above-mentioned symptoms can be. Since the cause of the problem is not revealed by traditional methods, it cannot be treated and patients may unfortunately have to live with these complaints for a long time. Antalya food intolerance test and nutritional therapy are very important for this condition, which reduces the quality of life considerably.

With a professional approach, our expert team helps the intestinal system work in a healthy way by changing the patient's nutritional habits. Thus, the flora is regulated. Since alternatives are added to the foods that have already been removed from the nutrition program, the diversity in the nutrition list continues.

If there is stress in the patient's life, this disrupts the balance of the intestinal flora. In addition, the drugs used and excessive consumption of white flour and sugar also trigger food sensitivity, that is, food intolerance. For this reason, nutritional rules should be followed while applying the treatment. Because this treatment is not a weight loss program. To put it more clearly, this is not a weight loss application. What is done is, according to the test result, foods that are sensitive to digestion are not consumed and in this way the body is rendered insensitive to these foods.

Are Food Intolerance Tests And Nutritional Treatment The Same As Allergy Test And Treatment?

Food intolerance testing and nutrition therapy and food allergy testing are different from each other. Allergy tests look for a substance called IgE. In food intolerance, IgG is investigated. Also, treatment methods are different. If the person is allergic to any food or foods, he or she is removed from the nutrition program. Then it is not included in the feeding again.

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