Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

The face reflects our image in the outside world. The size, function, and relationship of each individual organ are unique. With aging, these appearances and functions change. It is very important to learn which proportions distort the face image and which are completed. For example, it can be stated that the nose of a person with flattened cheekbones is too far forward or that he has a beak nose in profile. Or, many variables from the haircut to the brow curvature, from the tip of the nose to the length of the sideburns, from the thickness of the lips to the smile, form a whole with facial aesthetics. Surgically, with a formal and holistic approach to the face, a new image is created by approaching all the tissues and organs that express themselves separately, in order to make all the figures with the most dominant and faint, missing characters a whole. This transformation can be done with facial aesthetics as the awareness of representing the person at the highest level. If we talk about the symptoms that occur with aging on the face, they are as follows:

  • • Forehead lines
  • • Wrinkles around the eyebrows
  • • Sagging of eyelids
  • • Formation of crow's feet
  • • Increase in nose and lip folds
  • • Sagging in the chin and jowl line
  • • Screening on the neck
  • • Increase in sunspots
  • • Under-eye bags and lines

In Which Situations Is Facial Aesthetics Applied?

The face is one of the most important parts of our body. It is the area that affects our recognition. It is possible to say that having a proportional appearance of your facial beauty and aesthetics is a situation that will highlight the person in both social and business life. Because in our age, beauty is always sought after and has a great role in the person's desire to have it. Everyone wants to look beautiful. For this reason, it is possible to have a desired appearance by performing Antalya facial aesthetics. The most important part in facial aesthetics is the cheeks, forehead, chin and other areas to have an aesthetic appearance. While some people's cheeks are sunken and flat, others may be too full and swollen. Those who do not want to have such an appearance can have a beautiful face with Antalya facial aesthetics. With aging, sagging, deep wrinkles, gesture and mimic lines appear. As the age progresses, the sagging on the face increases and the lines deepen. An application such as raising eyebrows causes the wrinkles around the mouth to increase and deepen. With aging, collagen production decreases and there are losses in muscle and adipose tissue. These processes are quite normal and physiological. These conditions, which occur with aging, can be solved by having facial aesthetics.

Age Appropriate Facial Aesthetic Interventions

Facial rejuvenation can be performed to eliminate multi-factorial causes and subsequent effects such as sagging and wrinkles with aging. Surgery and certain applications are performed with these surgeries for a fresh and renewed, rested appearance to the aging face. Various facial aesthetic procedures are performed for an ongoing and non-stopping process over time. Facial lines, facial expressions and gesture lines are seen at all ages over time. As time passes, these lines deepen and sagging occurs. Although this situation varies from person to person, it occurs on average between the ages of thirty and forty. When the first wrinkles occur, they can be removed with some applications without surgical intervention. Thus, you can have a young skin up to the age of forty-five. With these procedures, non-surgical facial rejuvenation can be achieved. As the age progresses, it is possible to achieve a cruel and effortless skin with early interventions. Antalya facial aesthetic procedures are performed according to age. In addition, the wishes of the plastic surgeon are an important factor in determining this. For example, she may want big and full lips or she may want to have a more natural lip. Facial aesthetics can be done to have a more natural and age-appropriate appearance.

What are the Procedures Applied in Facial Aesthetics?

Facial aesthetics is a very broad concept. It includes a variety of operations and interventions. Since facial aesthetics does not include a single surgical procedure, it can be performed upon doctor's recommendations according to requests. The need for facial aesthetics of each person is different. Within the framework of these needs, there is an appropriate operation. All these processes are shaped according to the needs and wishes of the person. Three procedures are applied in facial aesthetics. It is categorized as upper face (forehead and eyebrow aesthetics), middle face (nose, cheeks, eyes), lower face (mouth and mouth area, neck). Facial aesthetics is performed within these three categories according to the need. These surgeries include various procedures such as chin, chin length aesthetics, and rhinoplasty. In addition, operations such as face lift, eyebrow lift, lip filling, fat injection, ear aesthetics are included in these surgeries.

What is Full Face Aesthetics?

When it comes to aesthetics, applications made in a certain area come to mind. However, what should actually happen is the operations made on the disproportionate areas of the face. Today, most people take action to have plastic surgery. Some want to make their nose appear smaller, while others want to make their eyes slanted. Or some people get lip fillers while others get crow's feet fillers. Of course, these requests are evaluated and made by experts. But this is not really aesthetic. In general, signs of aging appear in the face and neck area over time. Although anti-aging products are used and show its effect up to a point, it does not eliminate it. In such cases, the person wants a long-term solution. A youthful appearance can be achieved with the professional touches of estheticians. It is not enough to stretch the skin and recover the sagging skin. Cat eye aesthetics or French sling can be applied for eyelids that fall over time. The eyes are one of the most defining parts of the human face. For this reason, it may be recommended to include eye aesthetics when rejuvenation is decided.