Nutrition and Bowel Treatment

Nutrition and Bowel Treatment

What is Nutrition and Bowel Treatment (Food Intolerance)?

Our intestines are at the forefront of our organs, which are one of the most important building blocks of our body. For this reason, the intestines are known as the second brain and have many vital functions. Food intolerance is one of the most important causes of intestinal and accompanying nutritional diseases.

Among the most important reasons for the emergence of food intolerance, we can list leaky gut syndrome, weak immune system.

Our immune system responds to harmful and foreign substances in our body with IgG antibodies. While genetic predisposition has a significant place in food intolerance, this situation has a direct relationship with unhealthy and irregular eating habits. In some cases, harmful eating habits increase the development of food intolerance considerably.

Allergic reactions that our body gives to foods; It shows up with symptoms such as itching, swelling of the skin, vomiting, diarrhea.

Food intolerance occurs with symptoms such as difficulty in losing weight, gas problems, edema, fatigue, weakness, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, itching, excessive sweating and body aches. The food intolerance test provides information about the IgG antibody. With the food intolerance test, the density of antibodies is determined. An antigen- antibody complex is formed by the detection of the proteins in the area by the blood. In the light of this information, a nutrition program, that is, an elimination diet is created by a dietitian who is an expert in this field for the person whose test results are obtained. After the determined diet, the person is followed up with a specialist doctor and Antalya nutrition and intestinal treatment is carried out.

Intestinal Treatment Starts When Nutritional Habits Are Regulated!

Sugar, refined flour and processed foods, which the body identifies as harmful foods, cause a strong rise in blood sugar levels. Especially the consumption of refined sugar negatively affects the hyperacidity in the intestine and causes damage to minerals and vitamins.
Likewise, if the treatment is applied intensively, coffee, black tea and alcohol can cause unwanted intestinal disorders.

Excessive consumption of food, the habit of eating quickly, and eating habits that will tire the metabolism, especially in the late hours, force the intestines excessively and cause nutritional disorders.

Unbalanced diet programs, which have increased in number in recent years, also cause food intolerance. In this respect, working with experts and competent people in the field of nutrition and intestinal treatment in Antalya is one of the most important steps in the treatment of diseases.

What are Nutrition and Bowel Treatment Methods?

The most important treatment method that will eliminate food intolerance; It is the determination of the food causing intolerance and removing it from the diet or consuming it at the rates that the body can cope with. For example; Since the person cannot consume wheat due to gluten intolerance, they can consume gluten-free foods (buckwheat, quinoa, corn flour). However, there are risks such as cross-contamination in some food industry accidents. Sensitized substances can be taken unintentionally or unnoticed. In order to prevent such situations, we need to pay special attention to our diet, especially outside the home.

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