Radiofrequency Gold Needle

Radiofrequency Gold Needle

Radiofrequency gold needle application is also called fractional radio frequency application. This application is preferred as a kind of skin rejuvenation and beautification application.

The human skin is the most special area and is effective in reflecting both its health and beauty. However, due to aging and environmental factors, various problems occur on the skin. Antalya radiofrequency gold needle application is very useful in reducing deformations, stains and wrinkles; making the skin looks more lively, bright and young.

Radiofrequency gold needle is done in separate sessions. The number of sessions is decided by the physician performing the procedure, taking into account the condition of the skin and the area to be studied. The number of sessions to achieve the targeted skin appearance with the application depends on the level and amount of deformation in the skin. The application can be applied to different parts of the body, and since it is a type of application that does not require surgical procedures, patients can have the procedure done in a short time.

With Antalya radiofrequency gold needle, scars, unwanted swelling, redness and healing periods are eliminated. While the special device used does not affect the surface of the skin, it transmits high-frequency energy to the lower layers. While controlled damage is given to the lower layers of the skin, natural collagen is stimulated by the healing processes in the body. Thus, spots, scars and wrinkles are healed and the skin is renewed. Thanks to gold needles, the skin surface is not damaged and energy loss is reduced.

In Which Situations Is Radiofrequency Gold Needle Applied?

Antalya radiofrequency gold needle application is effective in the treatment of many skin defects. Therefore, it has a wide application area. Some of these are those:

  • • Clarification of face and jaw lines
  • • Burn and scar application
  • • Elastic loss application
  • • Wound and burn scar treatments
  • • Elimination of stretch marks due to pregnancy or weight gain
  • • Removal of signs of aging
  • • Elimination of fine wrinkles
  • • Improving the appearance of the jowl, neck and décolleté areas
  • • Treatment of acne and scars
  • • Treatment of excessive armpit sweating
  • • Elimination of bruises around the eyes
  • • Tightening the pores
  • • Correction of sagging in the body and areas with loss of form
  • • Removal of skin blemishes.

How is Radiofrequency Gold Needle Made?

Radiofrequency gold needle is an easier and painless application compared to other skin rejuvenation and beautification applications. There is no need to undergo the procedure for very long periods or to apply surgical interventions. For this reason, it has been preferred over the last few years.

Antalya radiofrequency gold needle treatment is applied in sessions. The duration of a session varies depending on the area being worked on. It usually takes between 30-45 minutes. After the procedure, patients do not need to stay in the hospital and are discharged after the necessary information is given.

How many sessions the treatment will take, how long each session will take, at what intervals the sessions will be held, are decided by the specialist physician after the application areas are examined in detail. After the procedure is planned, the patient is prepared for the procedure on the day of the appointment. First, the area to be treated is cleaned. Then, local anesthetic creams are applied to minimize the feeling of pain. The effect of the cream is waited for a short time and the process is started.

Thanks to the fractional radio frequency device and gold needle tips, high frequency radio waves are given under the skin. Thus, controlled destruction is ensured. The process continues for 35-40 minutes. Afterwards, skin rashes may occur normally. Within a few hours, they will disappear on their own.

After the application, the patient can return to his daily life and can go to work the next day. After the procedure, the skin should not be exposed to sunlight. For this, high factor sunscreens are used. In Antalya radiofrequency gold needle application, the effects begin to be seen after the first application. When the process is over, the repair continues for a while under the skin. For this reason, the results of the procedure begin to become more evident day by day. The sessions are repeated by the specialist doctor until the desired results are achieved.

Radiofrequency Gold Needle Application Areas

Radiofrequency gold needle can be applied to a wide area of the body. It can be easily applied on both face and body areas. Radiofrequency gold needle can be applied to any part of the skin that is desired to beautify, revitalize and remove the defects.

Advantages of Radiofrequency Gold Needle

Today, many different applications can be made for skin rejuvenation and rejuvenation. Which of these is most suitable for the patient should be decided in line with the recommendations of the physician? In recent years, radiofrequency gold needle is one of the most preferred skin rejuvenation and rejuvenation applications due to its easy application and patient comfort. The main advantages of the application are:

  • • There is no crusting, flaking or peeling on the skin with the radiofrequency gold needle.
  • • Since there is no long-lasting swelling, bruising or redness, the application is not noticed from the outside.
  • • Its effects are not temporary, they are permanent.
  • • The effects can be easily noticed from the first session.
  • • There is no need to stay or stay in the hospital. The patient can return to his/her life the next day.
  • • It is an application that has been proven to be effective in renewing the skin and removing imperfections through scientific studies.
  • • It can be used easily on all skin colors and skin types.
  • • It does not involve any surgical procedure, and since it is short-lived, patient comfort is at the highest level.

Considerations after Radiofrequency Gold Needle

After radiofrequency gold needle application, micro-damages occur on the skin. For this, your doctor gives some recommendations. Following these recommendations will be effective in giving better results of the procedure.

After the radiofrequency gold needle, water should not touch the treated area for one day. If it is applied to the face area, make-up should not be applied. If a crust forms, it should not be peeled off, but should be left to heal naturally. Direct contact with sunlight should be avoided. In our center, our physicians provide all the information before and after the application.