Nasolabial Filler

Nasolabial Filler

What is Nasolabial Filling?

Our skin is one of our most important and sensitive garments, with which we are in contact with the outside world. As we age, the collagen production seen in the person decreases and slows down. Among the results of this situation seen over time, sagging occurs in some areas and wrinkles occur as a result of these sagging. Nasolabial filling, which is one of the various areas of aesthetics, is an effective aesthetic method in eliminating these negative results. Antalya nasolabial filling is an aesthetic filling application applied to eliminate the lines starting from the nose wings and going down to the edge of the mouth.

These lines, which make their presence felt more and more day by day due to the hustle and bustle of daily life, aging and environmental factors, cause negative changes in the facial expression of the person and a tired and unhappy expression appears in the person. With the help of nasolabial filling, which is an aesthetic procedure at the point of resolving this situation, it is aimed to eliminate deep lines and to have a healthier and more aesthetic appearance.

How is Nasolabial Filling Made?

Antalya nasolabial filling procedure is applied depending on the problems of the patient. The method of application of the procedure and the amount of dose to be applied is decided by the doctor who will perform the procedure. Before the nasolabial filling, the patient's area to be filled is examined. Afterwards, an average of 2 sessions, if deemed necessary according to the patient’s condition, 3 sessions is determined by the doctor. Before the procedure, the person should be examined at least 2 weeks before, any necessary examination should be done and the patient should be prepared for the process. Before the application, the area is thoroughly cleaned and the procedure is started with the help of anesthetic cream or optional local anesthesia method. Thanks to this method, the patient is prevented from feeling pain during the Nasolabial filling procedure. With the help of a fine needle or cannula, the filler is injected into the determined lines. Compared to other aesthetic applications, nasolabial filling application should be done in two times instead of one time; results in a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing result. After Antalya nasolabial filling, the patient can return to his daily life in a short time.

First of all, the person should stay away from the use of all kinds of cosmetic products. After the procedure, strenuous and heavy activities as well as sports should be avoided and strenuous movements should not be done. After the nasolabial operation, especially alcohol and cigarette consumption should be suspended, and even acidic beverages should be avoided within the period determined by the doctor. The person should not come into contact with extremely hot water for about 10 days. All these conditions are directly proportional to the healthy passing of the process and the duration of the permanence of this process.

The permanence time of the nasolabial filling process varies depending on many reasons. The patient's self-care during the recovery period and the rate of following the instructions given by the doctor directly affect the duration of the filling.

What are the Benefits of Nasolabial Fillers?

The benefits of nasolabial filling, which is a frequently used aesthetic method today, are listed as follows:

  • • It gives more vitality to the skin than it is.
  • • The person can continue his/her daily life shortly after filling.
  • • It supports the increase of collagen production in the skin.
  • • It can be easily preferred because it is a process performed in a short time.

Side Effects of Nasolabial Fillers

Antalya nasolabial filling aesthetic application does not have any side effects. However, slight redness and bruising may occur due to the needle used during the procedure. Of course, this situation is considered as a temporary and normal situation. During the healing process, these problems disappear within 1-2 days. With the care products and instructions given by the doctor, the consequences of side effects are reduced.

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