Body Aesthetics

Body Aesthetics

With the methods of body shaping or body aesthetics, the operational and visual deformations that occur in the bodies of the people are eliminated. With these methods, excess fat can be removed, different parts of the body can be shaped and the skin can be tightened.

Antalya body aesthetic procedures can be performed by methods such as stretching, stretching and liposuction that require surgical intervention, or by using lipolysis, laser and fillers that can be applied without surgery. Although surgical options have a longer recovery period and higher risk, they are preferred because of more precise results.

Body aesthetic procedures cover all medical or surgical procedures that aim to reshape a part of the body. They are mainly preferred for the following situations:

  • • Tightening the sagging skin due to weight or age,
  • • Removal or burning of excess fat and
  • • Reshaping a specific area of the body.

Body Aesthetics Procedures

Non-surgical body aesthetic methods are called lipolysis. Lipolysis application methods:

  • • Cryolipolysis: It is the reduction of fat cells in a certain area by freezing.
  • • Injection lipolysis: involves the delivery of deoxycholic acid targeting fat cells.
  • • Laser lipolysis: the use of laser to destroy fat cells.
  • • Radiofrequency lipolysis: is the use of ultrasound waves and heat to target fat cells.

Surgical procedures

  • • Stretching and stretching: This procedure is the removal of excess fat and sagging skin. For example, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), face lift (rhytidectomy), breast lift (mastopexy) and jowl surgery are performed within these operations.
  • • Liposuction: It is the removal of excess fat by absorbing the fat deposits in the area.

The Importance of Body Aesthetics

People apply to Antalya body aesthetic methods to look and feel thinner or to gain a certain shape. In addition to the psychological benefits of liking one's physical appearance, the elimination of excess fat also improves one's physical health.

These procedures, which are generally preferred when diet and exercise are not enough, also make the skin look younger and smoother and show a rejuvenating effect.

Body shaping processes are performed in areas where sagging and fat accumulation occur the most. These regions are:

  • • Arms, upper legs and hips,
  • • Back,
  • • Belly and waist rings,
  • • Neck and chin.

All body shaping procedures, with or without surgery, will make the person feel better in every sense.

Before and After Body Aesthetics Procedures

If there is a part of your body that you want to change or shape, you must first determine what you want about this region.

with a health consultant who specializes in this

  • • What your goals are,
  • • Your health status and medical history,
  • • The drugs you use,
  • • Talking about your alcohol, tobacco or drug use will be the most important step you will take.

During the consultation, the measurement of the areas you want to change, the options that can be suggested for the change and the application methods should be shared, and the treatment plan should be created.

After the path to be followed is determined, blood analysis and physical examination are performed to ensure maximum efficiency of the process;

  • • Quitting alcohol and tobacco products,
  • • You should stop using certain medications and
  • • You may be asked to start doing certain exercises.

Most lipolysis procedures are performed in an office or clinic. A session takes about 30 to 60 minutes. A drug is injected into the area where fat reduction is desired, or depending on the type of lipolysis, ultrasound waves, laser beams, cold or hot heat are transmitted to get rid of excess fat.

For non-surgical body aesthetic procedures, you can leave the office or clinic immediately after the procedure. Generally, you can continue your daily life normally without going through the convalescence process. The healing process is completed in a short time and does not affect your daily life.

What are the Advantages, Disadvantages and Side Effects of Body Aesthetics Procedures?

Performing body aesthetics in Antalya allows the following situations to be seen in people:

  • • More defined, well-formed body areas
  • • A younger, slimmer appearance,
  • • Smoother skin and
  • • Symptomatic improvement.

The results from the surgery are more pronounced and faster. With non-surgical options, it may take several weeks or months to see a difference. Repeated sessions can be considered as the only disadvantage of this non-surgical method.

Non-surgical body shaping procedures are the more preferred method with few disadvantages and side effects.

Side effects that may occur after the procedures:

  • • Hives or regional redness
  • • Regional pain or soreness
  • • Regional color change
  • • Local swelling

Non-Surgical Solutions in Body Aesthetics

In aesthetic operations, non-surgical aesthetic methods with a short recovery time and applied in a practical way are preferred. With the increase in technology used in medicine, non- surgical procedures continue to develop in almost every field and facial and body rejuvenation procedures are performed with these methods.

In non-surgical body aesthetic procedures, the age range of the person is important in the permanence and quality of the results to be obtained. Compliance with these procedures is determined after the examination by health professionals.

In non-surgical aesthetic applications, skin care, laser applications, filling and botox procedures are performed. At this point, the most important point to be considered is that the person who will perform the procedure is an expert and that the center to be performed is suitable for the medical competence and hygiene conditions required for the procedures.

Non-surgical body aesthetic procedures:

  • • Neck aesthetics,
  • • PRP application for hair
  • • PRP application for the body
  • • Dermabrasion
  • • Laser epilation
  • • Mesotherapy and
  • • Regional slimming operations.

With the developing technology, there is an increase in non-surgical aesthetic applications, and procedures such as focus ultrasound, gold needle therapy, youth vaccine, DNA vaccine and chemical peeling are performed.

Thanks to technology developing day by day, it is ensured that people have the body they want without taking great risks. Different studies on the positive contributions of body shaping and aesthetic procedures on individuals show results that support the realization of these procedures without surgical intervention.

Clinics and doctors who are specialized in this field provide support for those who want to live a healthy, quality and aesthetic life.