Rope Suspension Applications

Rope Suspension Applications

Now there are many methods that can be preferred to look much younger. One of them, rope suspension applications, is a method that is easily used by those who want to get rid of the wearing effect of time on the skin. This process, also known as the French suspension, can be applied to both men and women.

Our skin is getting older day by day due to gravity. Deep wrinkles, sagging and loosening occur on the skin. Especially after a certain age, this situation can be observed more. At this point, the non-surgical facelift procedure comes to the fore.

What is the Rope Suspension Method?

Thread suspension applications, which are suspenders on the skin, are carried out with threads that are biologically compatible with the human body. The main purpose of this process is to eliminate the loose skin appearance, sagging and wrinkles on the skin.

Ropes made of polyester material inside silicone, produced in France, are preferred. These threads do not cause any harm to the tissues. It is especially ideal for people who want to look younger but do not want to have surgery. It is a very attractive procedure for those who want to rejuvenate without surgical intervention.

Flexible threads are used during the process. Thus, the amount of stretching the skin needs can be done. This procedure is not only preferred to look younger. It is also a treatment method for people who have had partial facial paralysis.

It is a process that can be planned depending on the sagging or wrinkles that occur on the skin of the person. It is also very important that it is completed in a short time and does not require clinical rest. No need to go to work for a while.

Antalya rope suspension applications are applied to certain regions according to mimic movements. The rope suspension application areas on the body and face are as follows:

  • • Cheeks
  • • Under the chin
  • • Cheekbones
  • • Oval line of the face
  • • Forehead lines
  • • Crow's feet
  • • Kas region
  • • Neck.

Are There Any Side Effects of the Rope Suspension Method?

Of course, very mild side effects may occur after the rope suspension applications are applied. It cannot be said that these side effects cause much discomfort to the person. Slight bruising and edema in the area where the procedure is applied are among the side effects of the procedure. Some patients may also experience mild pain. However, these side effects may vary from person to person.

Side effects also vary depending on the pain threshold of the person and the sensitivity of the skin. It should also be noted that these effects only last for a few days. No long-term side effects occur. Therefore, patients do not need to worry about this issue.

We can also talk about the risk of infection. Antibiotic medication can be given after the procedure against this risk. In this way, it is ensured that the current risk is minimized. It is important to pay attention to the warnings and recommendations of the doctor. In this way, a more comfortable and trouble-free healing process can be experienced. In the first days of the procedure, the application area should be protected against external impacts.

Rope Suspension Applications Process

Those who want to benefit from the services of Antalya rope suspension applications frequently search for the answer to the question of how to apply. The process proceeds as follows:

  • • The patient does not feel pain or pain during the rope suspension application under local anesthesia.
  • • The time may vary depending on the operation to be performed. But mostly it is completed between 45 minutes and 60 minutes.
  • • There is no need for stitching in the thread suspension application.
  • • It is ensured that the threads are attached to the ear inside the head during the procedure.
  • • In case of stretching for the body, rope suspensions are attached to different areas.
  • • No home rest or clinical rest is required after the procedure.
  • • The patient can be discharged and continue his daily life from where he left off.

Rope suspension applications may vary according to the permanence time of the ropes used. However, it is a procedure that usually lasts for 2 years. At the end of this period, the facial appearance before the procedure may return. Of course, this process does not prevent the aging of the skin. Therefore, loosening and sagging of the skin continue with the effect of gravity. Over time, the wrinkles that appear on the skin begin to increase more and more.

Rope Suspension Applications Post Process

It is necessary to pay attention to some situations after Antalya rope suspension applications. Let's talk about the situations that patients should pay attention to and the questions about the post-procedure as follows:

  • • The treated area should not be massaged and that part should not be rubbed.
  • • It is necessary to preserve the appearance obtained in the stretching process applied to the face.
  • • In order to maintain this appearance, it is necessary not to sleep face down.
  • • It is very important to wash the face upwards.
  • • After the procedure, it takes a few days for the skin to rest.
  • • Especially jaw movements should be minimized.
  • • The effects of the procedure can be seen immediately. At the end of 45 days, it is possible to see more clearly by resting the skin.
  • • Daily life can be resumed within a few days after the application. There may be various restrictions depending on the width of the region where the operation will be applied.

One of the most curious cases of patients is the threads used. In this process, the threads are placed so deep that they cannot be felt by the person. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this. It is not possible for a person to feel uncomfortable. At the same time, the threads used cannot be felt by hand. We can say that extremely fine threads are used. This is why it is impossible to feel by hand when touched.

The material which is used for rope suspension applications in Antalya is specially prepared. Although they have a very thin structure, they are impossible to break. There may be a possibility of rupture only in traumatic situations such as excessive blows to this area. In such cases, it is possible to compensate for the said problem. The operation can be redone.

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