Sweating Botox

Sweating Botox

What is Sweating Botox?

Sweating, with its most general definition, is a physical body event that is carried out in order to provide heat control of the body. In the treatment of sweating, some drug or cosmetic products, surgical and non-surgical solutions are offered. However, which of these methods is suitable for people or not is possible by revealing the causes of sweating with clinical findings. Excessive sweating, in other words Hyperhidrosis; It is a condition that occurs when the sweat glands work more than their normal value and manifests itself with problems such as wetness and odor in the daily life of the person. Hyperhidrosis can be caused by many different reasons. In order to understand this, the controls of a doctor who is an expert in this field and the treatment method are required.

The most common type of sweating botox is armpit botox. At the same time, hand sweating botox and foot sweating botox are other types of sweating botox. Excessive sweating that occurs in the sweating area is a very uncomfortable situation for people mostly in the summer months, both in terms of health and appearance. People who cannot solve the problem of excessive sweating with some cosmetic methods and are uncomfortable with this situation; They prefer sweating botox, which is a more permanent solution.

How is Sweating Botox Made?

Excessive sweating botox; It is applied to people with sweating complaints and people who will recover with sweating treatment. Thin-tipped needles are used during the treatment of excessive sweating, also known as sweating botox. The application is completed by injecting botox into the sweat glands under the skin. Antalya sweating botox takes approximately 20 minutes. Before the procedure, the skin is anesthetized with a cream containing local anesthetic. In sweating botox, it is aimed to provide relief in the area where excessive sweating occurs. With the Botox process, sweat glands are rendered unresponsive to stimuli. During sweating botox, people usually do not feel any pain, but rarely, side effects such as mild burning and soreness can be seen.

Things to Consider After Sweating Botox

We can collect the things that people who have sweating botox in Antalya should pay attention to after the operation under a few headings:

  • • Hard touches should not be made on the areas where Botox is applied.
  • • Heavy sports activities should be avoided, especially in the first few days after the procedure.
  • • It is healthier not to use cosmetic products such as deodorant within the first 6 hours.
  • • After the procedure, side effects such as mild redness, bruises and swelling may be seen in the treated area.
  • • No incision is made on the skin in sweating botox. Thus, there is no need for stitches and dressings after botox application.

What are the Side Effects of Sweating Botox?

The possibility of side effects after Antalya sweating botox is very low. In some cases, although rare, side effects such as redness, pain or swelling may occur. When sweating botox is applied by specialist and experienced doctors, it does not involve any risk and does not harm the sweat glands.

Is Sweating Botox a Permanent Application?

The effect can be seen about a few weeks after Antalya sweating botox is applied. This application, which varies from person to person; It usually gives more efficient results with the 2nd week. The effect of sweating botox usually lasts for 6-8 months, as in other botox procedures, and this period is different for each patient. Repeating the sweating botox once a year further increases the effect of the application.

Who Is Sweating Botox Not Suitable For?

For some people, sweating botox application may have some drawbacks:

  • • Pregnant and lactating mothers
  • • People with skin diseases and people with skin infections.
  • • Those with various neurological diseases
  • • Those with rheumatoid arthritis disease
  • • People with weak immune system and very low body resistance
  • • Those with advanced chronic diseases
  • • The healthiest information on whether to be suitable for sweating botox is obtained by the doctor, except for people who are extremely allergic.

Reasons for Preferring Sweating Botox

Sweating botox is applied to solve the excessive sweating problem seen in some people. Sweating areas on the body are areas where sweat glands are concentrated. These areas are the hands, palms, feet and armpits. Since Botox application blocks the area where the sweat glands are located, sweat secretion does not occur and the problem of excessive sweating will be eliminated. Sweating botox is a more effective application especially in areas where sweat glands are dense.

End Your Excessive Sweating Problem with Botox!

In other words, the most common problems faced by people who sweat excessively can be called as a disorder caused by social problems as well as having physical problems. Especially due to the appearance and smell of the armpits, problems with the choice of clothes and sweat odor arise. Since light-colored clothes show sweating, this situation compels people at the point of preference. In addition, problems such as social isolation can be experienced due to the smell of sweat. Excessive sweating problem does not occur only in the armpit area. People with excessive hand sweating are also faced with physical and social problems, just like people with other sweating problems. Such people need the gesture of drying their hands before shaking hands with others. These and similar problems in people; It brings with it the processes that affect the physical appearance as well as the situations that cause social problems. The problem of excessive sweating is an aesthetic procedure that is frequently applied by people who have experienced this problem, especially with the application of sweating botox in recent years, and positive results are obtained in a short time.

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