Lip Filler

Lip Filler

What is Lip Filling?

Interest in aesthetic procedures has increased considerably in recent years. Anyone who is dissatisfied with his appearance and who wants to have a healthier and more aesthetic appearance needs such procedures on his body or face. Our lips, which are one of the most striking parts of our face, are very popular in this context in terms of aesthetics. Antalya lip augmentation is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations performed to have fuller- looking lips, to clarify the contours in the lip structure and to provide a more aesthetic appearance to the lips. By using various lip augmentation techniques and applications, the person has natural looking full lips. Lip filling can be done with the approval of doctors for people who have completed the developmental period and have completed the adolescence period. If the person has an allergic condition that needs sensitivity or a health problem that needs attention, it is absolutely necessary to inform the doctor about this. In addition, the person who decides to have lip augmentation should pay special attention to a few points, as he will search for a price point. While determining the lip filler price in Antalya, there may be differences according to the brand and quality of the filler, the type and amount of the filler. The type of filling and the amount of filling required in the lip augmentation process can be different for everyone. For example, in some people the desired image can be obtained with 1 measure, while in some people this amount may be higher. In addition to all these, the expertise of the doctor and the quality of the clinic where the filling procedure will be performed also affect the determined price.

How is Lip Filling Made?

Lip augmentation is a procedure that must be done with extreme care and attention. Before lip augmentation is performed, the photograph of the lips of the person is taken and the procedures to be performed by a specialist doctor are determined. The person who is examined by the doctor is prepared for filling procedures. After the examination, in line with the doctor's opinions and recommendations, taking into account the wishes of the person, a decision is made on which areas the lip augmentation will be made. Before the procedure, a local anesthetic cream is applied to the lip to numb the lip. Thus, the person is prevented from feeling pain or pain during the lip augmentation process. Then, with the help of a fine-tipped needle, the filler is injected under the skin in the lip area. Dermal fillers are used in Antalya lip augmentation applications. The main reason for this is that hyaluronic acid begins to decrease in the lips over time and it is tried to be restored to the lips. Since this aesthetic procedure is not a surgical operation, the lip augmentation process is completed in about 5-10 minutes. The fuller the lip appearance is desired, the more filling material is used. If the amount of filler is low, slightly filled lips are obtained, while if the amount of filler is high, fuller-looking lips are obtained. After the Antalya lip augmentation process is completed, there is no swelling, bleeding or bruising in the application area. After this easy procedure, which is completed in a short time, the person can return to his daily life immediately.

Lip augmentation also has many aesthetic advantages. For example; The increase in the appearance of the lips is temporary, as the lip filling made contains hyaluronic acid- containing filling material. Thus, when the new appearance of the lips is not satisfied after the procedure, the filling can be melted and the lips can be easily returned to their old appearance. In addition, since lip augmentation is not a surgical procedure, the methods used in surgery (incision and bandage) are not used in this procedure. You can see the growth effect on the lips immediately after the procedure. Lip augmentation is also a very effective method of clarifying the lip line.

How Long Is Lip Filling Permanent?

The dermal fillers used during the lip augmentation process disappear over time by providing an absorption by the body. For this reason, lip aesthetics is not a permanent aesthetic for life. The duration of the filling on the lips; It varies depending on the filling material, the amount of filling material, and the lip structure of the person for many reasons. The average permanence period is around one year. The aesthetic process performed to make the appearance of the lip more aesthetic, to enlarge the lips and to have fuller lips determines the duration of permanence in line with the person's physical characteristics, lifestyle and care routines. At the same time, the effect of lip filling; There are differences in the permanence of the procedure, along with the age of the person who had the procedure, the shape of the lips and the qualities of the filler used. It is extremely important to follow the doctor's instructions and recommendations after Antalya lip augmentation. If what is said by the doctor is not followed and the person does not pay attention to his care, the lip filling may deteriorate and even the procedure may fail. For this reason, there are a few important points to be considered after the procedure:

  • • No chewing (especially hard foods) should be done within an average of 4 hours after lip augmentation.
  • • Care should be taken not to eat or drink anything hot.
  • • Lipstick and kissing should be avoided.
  • • The person should not make excessive facial expressions.

Side Effects and Harms of Lip Fillers

As with every aesthetic procedure, if the lip augmentation is performed by a doctor who is an expert in the field, the results are healthier. Lip augmentation does not have any side effects when it is performed by an expert and effective doctor. In some cases, bruises may occur on the lips after lip augmentation. But this is a temporary situation. Another side effect that should be considered in particular is the processes that can cause an exaggerated image that is far from a natural image. In order to prevent this, the person should work with experts and the person performing the application should have experience. Otherwise, lips that do not have an aesthetic appearance after the procedure and undesirable results may occur.

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