Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone Therapy?

Although ozone is one of the most important gases in the atmosphere, it has a very protective system against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Ozone has been used for different purposes in various fields of industry, as it is used to clean drinking water and to clean the air in ventilation systems in closed areas, as it has the feature of being an effective disinfectant in a very intense amount. Ozone, which is gaseous at room temperature, has a distinctive odor. It is extremely important to adjust the amount of treatment correctly in order for ozone gas to work in the body in a healthy and correct manner. For this reason, ozone therapy method should be performed by a specialist. At the same time, ozone therapy is a complementary and regenerative treatment that is low risk for people and mostly accompanied by medical treatments.

When applying ozone therapy, many different factors such as the disease or diseases that the person has, the intensity of these diseases and the course of the disease, the age and medical history of the person should be considered. Ozone, which is not considered appropriate to be used alone and is applied with the method of mixing with a certain amount of oxygen, should definitely not come into contact with air. There should be a maximum of 5% ozone in the prepared mixture and it should not be administered directly to the patients intravenously. While applying ozone therapy, a number of sessions are determined. This number varies according to the type of disease and the conditions of the diseases that people have. The treatment period ends in 10 sessions on average, but some diseases may extend the session duration by 2 to 4 sessions. In addition, ozone therapy prices vary according to the number of sessions and the dose applied in line with the diseases the person has. There are various complementary and supportive methods for the healthy existence of every cell and tissue in our body. Ozone therapy has the feature of being one of these methods. The antioxidant effect of the ozone treatment method is seen to a great extent in the renewal of cells in our body.

Antalya ozone therapy is a method that has a healing effect for many diseases, and it is not recommended to be used in some ailments. It is especially recommended not to be used during pregnancy, in the early period after a heart attack, in cases where the thyroid gland works fast (hyperthyroidism), and in severe anemia.

Multiple methods are used when applying ozone therapy.

  • • Major ozone method: It is the process of taking a determined amount of blood (50-100 ml) from the person, mixing it with ozone gas and giving it back. With the major method, it is aimed to strengthen immunity and to treat chronic diseases.
  • • Minor ozone: It is the process of taking a determined amount (5-10 ml) of blood from the person, mixing it with ozone gas and then injecting it into the muscle. This method is a procedure that can be applied every three sessions in patients treated with the major method.
  • • Ozone by bagging method: It is the process applied by taking the place of the wound of the person into an ozone-resistant bag and injecting ozone gas into the bag. It is a method used especially in the treatment of skin diseases, healing wounds and burns.
  • • Rectal application: It is the application of ozone by spraying method and the application of ozone by rectal (rectal) route. It is especially preferred in intestinal diseases (such as ulcerative colitis) and in patients who have problems in opening the vascular access. It is also a method applied in gynecological diseases by administering ozone to the rectal (breech) and vaginal tract by spraying method. • Local and intraarticular ozone: It is the direct injection of ozone into the joint. It is a method with positive results, especially when used in joint diseases.
  • After ozone therapy, it is recommended that the person not do activities that will tire herself very much. Harmful habits should be abandoned as soon as possible and it is aimed to transition to a healthier lifestyle with the help of regular exercises.

What are the Benefits of Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is used in the treatment of many different diseases, especially in skin diseases, infections in the body, from diabetes to hepatitis, and is applied to people with various methods. The benefits of ozone therapy, which has multiple benefits, can be listed as follows:

  • • It strengthens the immune system.
  • • It is used to treat infectious diseases.
  • • It is effective in accelerating metabolism.
  • • It helps to accelerate blood circulation.
  • • It gives the person a younger skin appearance.
  • • Increases flexibility by relaxing the muscles.
  • • It is very effective in curing joint and muscle disorders.
  • • It keeps the hormone production in balance.
  • • It strengthens the memory.
  • • It helps to relieve distressed states caused by depression.
  • • It delays aging with its anti-aging effect.
  • • It helps in increasing the production of white blood cells.
  • • It helps tissues to renew themselves.
  • • It helps in removing heavy metals from the body.
  • • It is extremely successful in curing allergic diseases.
  • • It increases the oxygen level in cells and tissues.
  • • It helps in weight loss.
  • • It increases mental capacity.
  • • It is very effective in terms of headaches and dizziness.
  • • It has a supportive effect in the treatment of cancer.
  • • It treats infections caused by Covid.
  • • It facilitates the body's self-healing.

In Which Diseases Is Ozone Therapy Used?

It is observed that ozone, which is used in the treatment of many, is especially effective in directing the consumption system negatively.

Diseases that it is successful in treating are:

  • • Hypertension
  • • Diabetes (diabetes)
  • • Musculoskeletal system diseases
  • • Fibromyalgia
  • • Oral wounds
  • • Allergic disorders
  • • Asthma
  • • Lung diseases
  • • It helps to accelerate metabolism./li>
  • • Psoriasis
  • • Irregular menstrual bleeding
  • • Eye diseases
  • • Alzheimer's
  • • Requests
  • • AIDS
  • • Fungal and bacterial damages
  • • Chronic fatigue
  • • Cancer
  • • Herniated disc
  • • Illnesses caused by romance
  • • Depression
  • • Covid19 charts showing usages

Side Effects of Ozone Therapy

It is possible that there will be a side intervention in every care performed. In recent years, ozone therapy, which has been seen in the example especially in the use of preservatives, has very few side effects. Impressive negative effects are seen due to the wrong application cost and the wrong dose amount. In order to avoid these, ozone therapy must be taken by a specialist.

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