Migraine Botox

Migraine Botox

What is Migraine Botox?

Migraine is a very challenging disorder for some people and causes a poor quality of life. Nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound are seen in people with frequent migraine attacks. For people who experience such situations; Migraine pain can be reduced by injecting botox. For migraine botox, the person must have an average of two or more migraine attacks per month. The duration of Antalya migraine botox treatment is approximately 1 hour.

Migraine; It is a headache disorder that negatively affects the quality of daily life, business and private life of people. Migraine botox is a widely used method in the treatment of migraine. However, it is not recommended for some people. Migraine botox treatment is not applied in pregnant and lactating women. In addition, migraine botox is not suitable for people under the age of 18. The effect of treatment after migraine botox starts after an average of 3 days. The duration of the main benefit and the reduction of pain is observed in the interval of approximately 10-15 days.

Permanence of migraine botox application varies from person to person, and also according to the rate of migraine pain and attacks that people have. Many people see the effect of migraine botox a few months after treatment. In some patients, the duration of the application varies between 4-6 months. The effect of migraine botox treatment varies in direct proportion to the severity of migraine pain.

After 2 days of migraine botox application, it is necessary to stay away from blood thinners and herbal medicines. It is very important to avoid contact with hot water for 2-3 days, and to avoid places such as hammam and sauna, as well as sports activities that require weight, in terms of carrying out the treatment in a healthy way.

Thanks to Antalya migraine botox treatment, positive results are seen regarding the treatment process in terms of reducing both the severity and frequency of migraine attacks.

Factors Causing Migraine Pain

The main factors that cause migraine pain are:

  • • Excess weight problem
  • • Menstrual period and hormonal changes
  • • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • • Sensitivity comes from intense emotionality.
  • • Use of certain drugs

How Is Migraine Botox Made?

People with migraine pain should first be examined by a neurologist. After the examination, blood analysis, tests and MRI scans are performed. As a result of research, if there is no cause of headache, migraine botox application; It stands out as an alternative method in the field of treatment.

Small-sized needles are used in the treatment of Antalya migraine botox. Botox; It is applied by injecting the temples, the forehead, the muscles in the neck and the back of the head with a fine-tipped needle. Thus, migraine botox affects the nerve endings in the determined areas and reduces the pain. Migraine botox gives effective results when applied every 4-6 months in patients, and migraine pains are reduced.

Symptoms of Migraine Disease

Migraine disease, which has different symptoms in each person; It is a disorder that occurs accompanied by attacks and is quite challenging for people. Symptoms do not occur in the same way in every patient. Migraine attacks can usually be seen between 6 and 72 hours. Headaches begin in the form of attacks, and intense pain and throbbing sensation are felt. Often migraine pain occurs in specific areas of the head. Migraines can be very severe or moderate pain. In any case, it causes intense pain and reduces the quality of life. During migraine attacks, vomiting or nausea can be seen along with the pain. Hypersensitivity to light and sound is among other symptoms. The intensity of the pain is felt more by moving the head quickly or physical activities. In people with very intense and severe migraine pain, complaints such as visual impairment and blurred vision also occur. All these symptoms vary from person to person and differ according to migraine types. However, migraine attacks have distinctive features according to the frequency and number of attacks. The most common periods of migraine are between the ages of 35-45.

Benefits of Migraine Botox

With the botox method applied in the treatment of migraine, many people have a great reduction in migraine attacks and pain. Migraine botox has many advantages. The most obvious benefit of using the botox method in the treatment of migraine is the reduction of drug use to a large extent. After the migraine botox method, a significant decrease in the number of migraine attacks has been observed. With the migraine botox application, the patient's quality of life is increased and thus, healthy results can be obtained in the botox application. The positive results of botox application in treatment vary between 3-10 days on average. Migraine botox is an easy and very comfortable procedure. After the Botox application, people can return to their daily life in a short time and can perform their social activities. Migraine botox application does not affect the ongoing daily life of patients and provides great benefits in terms of reducing pain.

Migraine botox application; It is planned differently for each patient. Botox application; It is done with fine-tipped needles from many injection points to 7 areas on the head and neck. Since the treatment process varies from person to person, there are different treatment periods. In some patients, re-injection is required for the benefits of the treatment, while in some patients this may continue for several years. In line with the determination of a specialist doctor, Botox can be applied to the pain areas with additional doses when deemed necessary, and by obtaining successful results, people can treat severe migraine pain and frequently recurring attacks.

Migraine Botox Prices

Antalya migraine botox prices; It varies according to the degree of migraine pain of the patient, the clinic where the application will be made and the competence of the doctor who will perform the application, and the price range is determined accordingly.

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