Beautiful And Natural Lips For Any Age

Beautiful And Natural Lips For Any Age

Natural-Looking Lips with Lip Filling Aesthetics

Interest in aesthetic applications has increased considerably in recent years. Aesthetic applications are required for those who are not satisfied with their appearance and want to have an aesthetic appearance. For this reason, lips, one of the most striking areas of our face, are frequently preferred among aesthetic applications.

Lip augmentation is an aesthetic application applied to increase the size of the lip and to make the lip contour more prominent. Although there have been many fillers used during the filling process, the most commonly used one is composed of a material called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a filler that gives the lips a natural look.

The type of filler used in lip augmentation and the dose of filler varies from person to person. Depending on the person's lip condition, sometimes 1 measure is sufficient, while in some people it may be more. In lip augmentation aesthetic application; There can be differences in many factors such as the expertise of the physician who will provide the application, the type and amount of the filling and the quality of the filling used.

How is Lip Filling Applied?

Lip augmentation is an aesthetic procedure that should be performed by a careful and expert person. After the doctor's opinions, it is decided how much the procedure will be applied to which area, together with the opinions of the person to be applied. Before the filling procedure, local anesthetic cream is applied to the lip to numb the lip. The reason for this is to ensure that the person does not feel pain or pain during the lip augmentation process. During the procedure, it is injected under the skin in the lip area using a thin needle. Dermal fillers are used in lip augmentation aesthetics. Since lip augmentation is not a surgical operation, it is applied in an average of 15 minutes. In this regard, filling materials are used at the same rate as the person wants to have a fuller appearance on their lips. The amount of filler is determined specifically in line with this option. Depending on the state of the filler applied during the procedure, full lips are obtained at the same rate, although it is more or less.

After the lip augmentation procedure, side effects such as swelling, bleeding or bruising are generally not observed in the area where the procedure is performed. After this aesthetic procedure performed in a short time, the person can return to her daily life in a short time. Lip augmentation has many aesthetic advantages. Since the content of the lip filling is created with a filling material containing hyaluronic acid, the desired appearance cannot be achieved or if there is any dissatisfaction, the fullness rate becomes temporary. In summary, when the new appearance of the lips is not satisfied after the procedure, the filling can be melted and the lips can be returned to their old appearance. The growth in the lip appearance can be seen immediately with the effect of the filling material injected into the lips shortly after the filling process is performed. It is extremely important to follow the doctor's recommendations after lip augmentation is applied. Complying with the instructions determined by the doctor causes lip augmentation aesthetics to appear more aesthetically and to obtain healthy results.