Rejuvenate With PRP Treatment!

Rejuvenate With PRP Treatment!

PRP treatment, which we can explain as platelet rich plasma, is the process of using plasma obtained from the person's own blood in treatment. PRP treatment, especially used for skin rejuvenation, accelerates cell regeneration. PRP treatment, which is used in quite different areas such as hair loss, skin rejuvenation, pain treatment or orthopedics, is a very effective method for curing diseases.

What is PRP treatment?
To answer the question of what is PRP treatment, it is possible to explain the process simply. The blood taken from the body of the person to be treated is separated into plasma by a special process. Then, this serum obtained is injected into the person as in the mesotherapy method.

Our body, which starts the repair process with the collection of clot cells as a result of damage to the tissues, may have difficulty collecting these clot cells from time to time. Here, the PRP application is to ensure that the blood circulation carries more clot cells.

Thanks to PRP treatment, it is possible to correct wrinkles caused by aging, reduce skin depressions and make the skin brighter and more flexible.
It can be used to accelerate the structuring process of the skin after applications such as laser.
PRP therapy can be applied to heal conditions such as non-healing wounds and cracks on the skin.
PRP treatment used in hair loss can also be preferred to help other treatments used for hair loss.
It is one of the methods used in medical aesthetics.
PRP is used for pain relief.

PRP Treatment Zones
PRP treatment can be applied in the decollete area, neck and face area, arms, areas such as scalp, in short, in areas where regeneration can occur. In addition, PRP treatment is recommended for under-eye bruises and spot treatment.

The most important feature of PRP treatment is that it is long-acting. The treatment, which you will feel the skin regeneration and effects for a long time, has increased its popularity because it is applied easily and safely. Treatment that supports collagen formation also supports all vital functions. In addition, it does not have a negative effect as it structures the skin naturally.